Why is Jesus the most mentioned person in both the Quran?

The Quran contains far more teachings about Jesus than any other prophet. Why is this so and what does the Quran teach about Jesus?

I understand that there are many common  characters in the Quran  and Bible.

Yes, in both the Quran and  Bible, we have stories of Moses, David, Solomon, Abraham and even Jesus.

I was surprised to find out that Jesus  was the most mentioned person in the  Quran. I believe he was mentioned 187 times.

While Muslims do not believe that Jesus  is God, in islam Jesus is one of the most  exalted prophets. The Quran says that Jesus is exalted in  this world in the world to come. However, he is known by the name Isa  al-masih in the Quran.

What does Isa al-masih mean?

Isa is the  name and al-masih  is a title that means the Messiah. 

The  Quran also acknowledges Jesus as the  Messiah like the Bible?

Yes, the Quran also says that Jesus is a  sign for humanity.

How is Jesus a sign for humanity? Was  there anything unique about Jesus?

One of the most unique things about  Jesus is that he was born of a virgin. The Quran also says that Jesus is a  mercy from God.

That’s interesting. In the Bible, Jesus  was also called the Word of God.

That’s what the Quran calls Jesus as  well – the Word from Allah. He was also called a spirit from Allah.

The Bible also teaches that Jesus,  though originally in spirit form, took on  flesh at some point in time. Did the Quran also teach that Jesus was  sinless like what was taught in the  Bible?

Yes, while muslims believe that all  prophets are free from major sins,  they are not sinless. There are mentions  of prophets praying to God for  forgiveness  but interestingly, Jesus was portrayed as  sinless in the Quran.

I understand that Jesus was also able to  perform many miracles.

That’s right. Jesus healed people of many  illnesses and was even able to raise the  dead.

Christians believe that Jesus is coming  back to earth again. Do muslims also believe this?

Yes, Muslims also believe that Jesus will one  day come back to earth and when he comes  he will destroy the ultimate evil, what  Muslims call the “dajjal”.

Wow, with so many similarities about  Jesus and the Quran and Bible,  we could surely discuss more about them.

Yes,  I look forward to discussing more the  next time we meet.