What does it mean when the Quran says Jesus/Isa is Al-Masih?

I have read that the Quran also mentions  about Jesus. Did you know there are many similarities  in what the Quran and the Bible teaches  about Jesus?

In the Quran, Jesus is called Isa  al-masih,  which means the Messiah. The Quran says “O  Mary,  God gives you good news of a word from  him, his name is the Messiah,  Jesus Son of Mary, well esteemed in this  world and the next,  and one of the nearest.” (Surah 4:45)

In the Bible,  “Messiah” is also one of the titles of  Jesus. In the Injil we read that the woman said  to Jesus “I know that the Messiah,  called Christ, is coming.” Then Jesus  declared “I, who speak to you, am he.” (John 4:25-26)

The Quran  doesn’t explain why it calls Jesus the  Messiah. What about the Bible?

In the Bible, the  Messiah is no ordinary person. That is why when Jesus claimed to be the  Messiah, the Jews accused him of  blasphemy.

When did this happen?

The high priest  said to Jesus “Tell us if you are the Christ (“Christ” is  the Greek word for “Messiah”),  the Son of God.” “Yes, it is as you say.”  Jesus replied. Then the high priest tore  his clothes and said “He has spoken blasphemy.” (Matt 26:63-65)

Where in the  Bible did it say that the Messiah is no  ordinary prophet?

The Jews believed that this Christ would  come from Bethlehem. The Bible says “Does not the scripture  say that the Christ will come from  David’s family and from Bethlehem,  the town where David lived?”

What is it  about this Messiah from Bethlehem?

In the Bible we read “But you O Bethlehem  Ephrathah, who are little to be among the  clans of Judah,  from ye shall come forth for anyone who  is to be ruler in Israel,  whose origin is from of old, from ancient  days.” The term “from ancient days” talks about  eternal existence  and is a term and the Bible applied only  to God. 

So that is why the Jews accused  Jesus of blasphemy?

Yes. And when Jesus called himself the  Son of God,  the Jews also accused him of blasphemy  because they knew what the title “Son of  God”  means.

Even before Jesus was born, the  Bible already gave him the title “Son of  God”?

Yes, in the Old Testament, we read “For to  us a child is born,  to us a Son is given, and the government  will be on his shoulders. And he will be called a Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty God.”  (Isaiah 9:6) 

Jesus claimed to be the Messiah and the  Son of God,  both of which refer to God? These are  very strong claims.

That’s right. Isn’t it true the Quran  teaches that the Messiah will one day  come back to earth to destroy the evil  one, what Muslims call the dajjal. Why does  the Messiah have so much power that he  can kill the ultimate evil?

We should discuss this in greater detail  another day.