Sinlessness of Jesus

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The Quran testifies to the exclusive sinlessness of Jesus

While the quran tells us that other prophets have sinned, there is not a hint there, or anywhere else in Islamic literature, of sin in Jesus.

An angel from God announced to Mary .-that she was to receive a “holy son” (19:19). The Quran relates an interesting story about the birth of the Virgin Mary. Her mother placed her newborn daughter and her future issue under a special protection of God saying: “Lord, verily I have brought forth a female [and God well knew what she had brought forth], and a male is not like a female; I have called her Mary; and I commend her to thy protection and also her issue, against Satan driven away with stones” (3:36). In this vein there is a suggestive tradition about Mary and her child:

Every child that is born, is touched [or stung] by Satan, and his touch makes it cry, except Mary and her Son. (Bukhari-Anbiya, Bab44, tafsir sura 3, b.2. Muslim-Fadail, tradition 146, 147. Ahmad b. Hanbal. Musnad H: 233, 247 sq, 288, 292, 319, 523).

And the quran  itself makes Gabriel say to Mary that she is to have “a holy son”, ghulaman zakiyyan, 19 : 19; which baidhawi interprets to mean pure from sin, and active in goodness.

According to the quran when the angel came to Mary he said to her: “I am only a messenger from your Lord (to announce) to thee the gift of a holy son” (Surah 19.19). The word for “holy” in this verse, zakiyya, is applied to no other prophet in the book. The angel announces to Mary that she is to conceive a uniquely holy child.

The Quran also seem to teach that even prophets are not free from sin. Here are some of the references that show that even the prophets sin.

Adam and Eve : Surah 7:23
Noah : Surah 11:47
Abraham : Surah 26:80-82
Moses : Surah 28:16
Muhammad : Surah 40:55

It is interesting to note that there is no mention whatsoever of sin in connection with Jesus Christ even in the Quran.