Quranic Errors – Egypt watered by rain

Egypt is watered by rain (Sura 12:49).

Surah 12 49] Kemudian setelah itu akan datang tahun yang padanya manusia diberi hujan (dengan cukup) dan di masa itu mereka memeras anggur.”

We may point out that more than one thousand years before Muhammad made this declaration, Herodotus the Greek historian stated: “Egypt is the gift of the Nile”! In fact, the only means of watering the crops in Egypt is the Nile.

This fact is also confirmed by encyclopedias.

The valley and delta region contains most of Egypt’s farmland.  Without the precious waters of the Nile, Egypt would be little more than a desert wasteland.  For thousands of years, annual floods of the Nile deposited valuable soils called silts upon the narrow plain on either side of the river and upon the low-lying delta.  Almost all of Egypt’s people live in the valley and delta region. (Source: World Book)

The Nile valley and delta–and scattered oases–support all of Egypt’s agriculture and are home to more than 99 percent of its population. (Source: Britannica Encyclopedia)