Quran teaches that Allah deceived the Jews into thinking they killed Jesus

According to Ibn Kathir, a tradition that goes back to Ibn Abbas concerning the meaning of Surah 4:157 is the following:

On the night of  the Lord Jesus’ betrayal, he was with  his disciples. The traditions vary – some say there are 13 disciples, some say  17, some say 19. Jesus, on the  night of his betrayal, asked the disciples which one of  them would volunteer to look like him,  which one of them would volunteer to  take his appearance, Jesus’ appearance  on himself, die in the place of Christ. Whoever is willing to accept this  proposal to die in Jesus’ place, Jesus  supposedly said he would be given  paradise. In other words, the disciples  were asked to look like Jesus in his  place and Allah will give you paradise. According to the tradition, the youngest  disciple said “I will.” It says that  Jesus ignored him because he thought  he’s maybe being overzealous because  he’s young and he’s not thinking of the  implications, the ramifications of  looking like Jesus and dying a very  brutal, painful, shameful death, so he  asked it again the second time. Again, the  youngest disciple said “I will”. Again  Jesus brushes him aside and asked for a  third time. When the youngest disciple  again said “I will volunteer”, Jesus says  “ok”. At that moment, Allah miraculously  made that disciple look exactly like  Jesus from head to toe and at that  moment Jesus ascended through a hole in  the roof and entered into paradise. So  when they came in to arrest Jesus, they  found what they thought was Jesus and  then they crucified him. In other words,  Jesus didn’t die in our place according  to this tradition. Someone died in  Jesus’ place. Who? His youngest disciple? How? By Allah transforming him to look  exactly like Jesus Christ.

Are you telling me that according to one  of our earliest traditions, from one of  Islam’s greatest scholars,  that what happened was (Muslims have such a big problem  with Jesus dying in the place of others)  someone dies in Jesus’ place? And it  wasn’t by accident, it was actually Allah’s  plan and Jesus is in on it. Allah  can’t just save me,  just protect me, so someone has to die tonight. Someone’s going to get taken, nailed to a cross, it’s not going to be  me, instead one  of you has to die in my place. According to  Christianity, Jesus dies willingly in the  place of others. According to Islam,  someone dies for the sake of Jesus, in his place, willingly. 

The  real Jesus, whom we know, cried  in the garden because he wanted the cup to be passed from him, but he took the cup anyway.  But Isa ibn Miriam of the Quran is like a coward,  he doesn’t want to take the cup. Somebody  else has to take the cup for me. Die and his place and Allah permits it. If Allah was going to let anyone  die, why not just let Jesus die? And if you  didn’t want Jesus to die, why allow  someone else to die in this place? But again, Allah is the greatest deceiver  of them all. Surah 3:54 says  regarding Jesus’ final moments “And they  plotted  (meaning the disbelieving Jews) and Allah plotted too and Allah is the best of  plotters. This  translation translates the word “makr” as “plot”. However, I challenge any Muslim  and any Arabic-speaking Christian or  Arabic speaker, look at  the Arabic lexical sources and check up the meaning of the word “makr”. The word “makr”  is defined as “deceit, tricking, scheming, conniving”. In other  words, it’s a negative word. It refers to  someone who will use deception, deceit,  connive and use trickery to accomplish  his purpose. According to the Quran, who is the greatest of all deceivers,  connivers, tricksters and schemers? Not  Satan but Allah. This passage is  composed with respect to Jesus’ final  moments. Now it makes sense. How did Allah  out-scheme, connive, out-deceive the  Jews? The Jews thought they were going to  kill Jesus. What Allah did was to make someone  look like Jesus and the Jews killed that  look-alike thinking they had got rid of  Jesus. Who made them think that they  got rid of Jesus? Allah. How? By deceiving them.

Allah makes everyone  think that Jesus died by crucifixion,  knowing that this is going to  start the world’s largest false religion. Who really messed things up for Jesus’ followers? Allah.   Muslims say Paul came in and  corrupted Christianity. Allah came in and  corrupted Christian according to according to Islam. Allah is the deceiver  who corrupted Jesus’ message. So Jesus comes, he preaches for 33 years (remember Jesus started preaching  from birth according to Islam), wins a ton of followers,  people are converting to this early first century Islam,  things are going great, Allah promises  Jesus that his followers would be  victorious until the day of resurrection,  then Allah comes in and tricks the  Jews into believing that Jesus died by  crucifixion when he really didn’t. And  then even Jesus followers come to  believe that he died by crucifixion. That  started Christianity, what we believe in  today. Why do I believe that Jesus died  by crucifixion according to Islam? I  believe Jesus died by crucifixion  because Allah deceived so many people. He’s such a great deceiver  that he’s even still deceiving people  today with this. He deceived me. 

If we want  to say God’s going to deceive someone, it should at least be some kind of  good reason. For instance, I’m walking  down the streets of Dearborn and a bunch  of Muslims come to kill me or something  like that and Allah decided to trick them, to deceive them in order to save my life. Well, Allah  saved my life by deceiving people. What  was the point of deceiving people about  Jesus’ death according to Islam? Why would  Allah do that? Why would Allah deceive  people in that way? What good came of it? What great thing did Allah need to  accomplish that was so important that God  has to deceive people? In Islam,  there’s just no reason? If you ask them, they’ll say “to save Jesus.” No, Jesus gets taken to heaven. Doesn’t get any safer than that. No one’s  going to hurt Jesus, he’s in heaven. Why  do you need to deceive everyone? Why not  just show that Jesus is  victorious? In other words, you got all  these people “we need to get Jesus” and then too bad he went  to paradise. Instead “let’s make everyone think  that they had the victory that Jesus  failed, that Jesus was stopped, Jesus is  not the Messiah because he died, let’s  make everyone think that”. That’s what  Allah does and he doesn’t just  deceive the Jews, he deceives even Jesus  followers.