Quran says Jesus is the word of God

Surah 4:171 of the Quran says that Jesus is his word,  Allah’s word, which he gave to Mary. Not only is he the Word of God, it  says the Word of God that he gave to  Mary.  In order  for him to be given to Mary, he must have  been with God before he was given to her. That means Jesus was with  God as his word before he was given to  Mary. The second line further confirms  that. “a spirit from him” A spirit that comes  from Allah and enters Mary. If he’s  the word and spirit from God, sent by God  to Mary, that means he existed with Allah  or God before he was given to Mary. That’s number one.

Number two. If Jesus is  the word of God, and Muslims say the Word  of God is uncreated, then what does that  make Jesus? If you go back to the  archives we had a Muslim chef who called in. I asked him “Jesus is the word of God”, he goes “yes” and  then I asked them “is the Word of God  created or uncreated?”, he goes “uncreated” and  we all exploded in praise. Amen. Thank you  for admitting that Jesus is eternal and  therefore God. Notice the logic:  Jesus is God’s Word, God’s Word is  eternal, therefore Jesus is eternal. Obviously Muslims won’t believe that  because they can’t believe that because  the Quran does say that Jesus is no more  than a messenger. But that’s the  contradiction in the Quran and that’s  their problem, not ours. 

Essentially what they’re doing is  they’re proving John 1:1-3 In the beginning was the  Word, the Word was with God, the Word was  God. He was with God in the beginning. All  things came into being through  him, nothing came into being without him  that came into being? And then the key  verse, verse 14: the word became flesh and  pitched his tent, tabernacled, among us. Muhammad heard Christians saying  Jesus was the Word of God and he goes “If he is the Word of God, I agree”, not realizing the  implication in agreeing.