Quran contradicts itself on whether Jesus died

Surah 4:157 And because of their  saying “we killed Messiah, Isa son of  Maryam, the messenger of Allah but they  killed him not, nor crucified him but it  appeared so to them. And those who differ  therein are full of doubts.

They thought they had killed him  but they killed him not. The image of  Jesus was put on another man. So it’s implying that that  man died in his place. Muslims who read that verse  are very clear that Jesus did not die. The problem is obviously there are some  contradictions because then you go to  Surah 19:33  it’s very clear that Jesus says of  himself “Blessed be me the day I was born,  the day I die and the day I rise again”,  present continuous. So Jesus himself  claims about his death and resurrection  in Surah 19:33. And when Muslims  try saying “No, this is a future rendition  that he’s going to come back in the  future and die. That’s what it’s  referring to.”,  you’ve got a problem. Because in verse 15  of that same chapter, Surah 19, John the  Baptist has the same thing said about  him “Blessed be he the day he was born,  the day he dies and the day he rises  again.” No one’s supposes that John the Baptist is gonna come back in  the future so how can you deal with that, you’ve got a real problem with Surah 19, they both contradicts  Surah 4:157. But it gets even worse than  that.

Surah 3:55 And when Allah said: “O Isa (Jesus), I will make you sleep and raise  you to myself and clear you…”. In the Arabic it’s “mutawafeeka”, which means “I will kill  you  and take you myself.” In the Arabic, it’s very clear that God will kill Jesus, which supports crucifixion. But since 1935, all English translations  now have “I’ll put you to  sleep”, which is not a good  rendition. There’s no reference anywhere  else in the Quran that uses “mutawafeeka” in  that context except in this verse 3:55. So  you can see there’s an agenda here by  the Muslims who are translating it. They  don’t want people to read this in the  English language. That also confronts Surah 4:157 so certainly the Quran has an  internal contradiction on this issue.