Muslims can give no good explanation that Jesus did not die on the cross

Quran contradicts itself on whether Jesus died

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Crucifixion is classified as “hidden” teaching

The Quran has two categories of saying – obvious (Zahir) or hidden (Khafi). The crucifixion is classified as “hidden”.

Some Muslims believe Jesus will die twice

Jesus was crucified and died. He was then raised by God and ascended to heaven. From there he will come a second time where he will kill the false Messiah, usher in Islam universally, and then die a second time. He will eventually be resurrected for the second time at the Day of Judgement.

This view leaves us with the problem of Jesus dying twice, something which Islam will not allow. The Quran indicates that every soul will die once, and then be resurrected to give an account before God:

“Every soul shall have A taste of death; And only on the Day Of Judgement shall you Be paid your full recompense. Only he who is saved Far from the Fire And admitted to the Garden Will have attained The object (of Life): For the life of this world Is but goods and chattel Of deception.” S. 3:185 Y. Ali