Jesus and Muhammad Compared

  1. Jesus was born supernaturally. He was born of a virgin. Nobody else in this world was born of a virgin, something very unique, something very special about this man. Even the Quran says Jesus was born of a virgin. Muhammad was born just like you and I. There’s nothing special about this man.
  2. Jesus, from a very young age, was biblically literate and spiritual mature to the point where the religious leaders in the temple when he’s 12 years old was shocked by how much he knew. Muhammad came from a pagan family. He was a pagan and he, according to most Islamic traditions, was illiterate. He couldn’t read or write.
  3. Jesus, when he came into his ministry, was a man who had nowhere to lay his head. He was poverty-stricken. In fact, there was women who travelled with them and out of their need supported them and helped them with food and so on. And he had nowhere to lay his head. When Muhammad came to power, when he marauderd villages and took control over them, he took 20% of the wealth and the loot for himself.
  4. When Jesus came into his ministry, he performed miracle after miracle that showed that he had power over life and death and health and the weather even. Muhammad did no such miracle. He was not a man of miracles.
  5. When Jesus came into his ministry, he healed the blind, he raised the dead, he healed with his hands. When Muhammad came into power, he blinded his enemy’s eyes, he took the walking and he made them lame, the opposite of what Jesus did. And under Islamic law, Muhammad did this. He cut someone’s hand off for simply stealing an egg and that is right through Islamic law.
  6. When Jesus was in his ministry, when the immoral woman wept over him and asked for forgiveness, he reinstated her and transformed her and forgave her, something that Mohammed did the opposite of. He stoned the immoral woman. A verse in the Quran that has been taken out is called the “verse of stoning”. It no longer exists in the Quran because according to Islamic tradition, it was apparently eaten by a goat and so it’s not there anymore. It’s being replaced with whipping the adulterer, which is still in Islamic law.
  7. Jesus raised the dead. Muhammad killed the living over and over again, including a woman, a mother whose uncle had been killed by Muhammad. As she was feeding her baby one day, Muhammad said, “Who will get this rid of this woman for me?”. One of Muhammad’s followers went and put a sword through her chest as she fed her a baby and she died with her children around her. And Muhammad affirmed him for what he had done. That’s the kind of man Muhammad was. Jesus raised the dead and Muhammad killed the living.
  8. Jesus freed and forgave those who were against him. Muhammad killed his enemies and condemned those who were against him.
  9. Jesus was sinless and righteous and that is both according to the Quran and also the Bible. The Quran says Jesus was righteous. The Quran says Muhammad had to ask for forgiveness on three separate occasions. Muhammad was not only a sinful man according to the Quran, he is absolutely a sinful man according to the Bible and he is absolutely a sinful man according to secular law. He was an unrighteous man. Jesus was sinless Mohammad was sinful.
  10. Jesus died for sinners. Muhammad killed sinners.