Is the Spirit of Allah also God?

The spirit mentioned in the Quran proves to be a distinct person from  Allah himself yet has divine  prerogatives that belong to Allah alone. At the same time, we showed that the  spirit appeared as a person indeed in  the case of Mary, for instance, in chapter  19. Our  Muslim friends believe in a doctrine known  as the doctrine of tawheed. In their mind, tawheed means Allah is an absolute  one, meaning one in essence and one in  person. So far it doesn’t appear so.

We’re going to establish that the Quran  does not teach tawheed. In fact, the Quran presents a Trinity of sorts. Let’s continue discussing what the  Quran says about the spirit being  co-creator and life giver with the  Muslim deity. Because we established the  spirit is not identical to Allah; he’s  breathed out from Allah, he belongs to  Allah, he’s the messenger-apostle of Allah, so that shows a distinction. Though  they’re distinct, and the spirit is  subordinate to Allah, at the same time, the  spirit does what only God can do. When the spirit appeared to Mary he said  “I’ve been sent to give to you a pure son.” (Surah 19:19) Now in Surah 66:12 we’re  actually told how the spirit impregnated  Mary because the Quran does  affirm the virginal conception and birth  of our Lord Jesus Christ. No Muslim can be a Muslim if he denies  that Jesus was born to the Virgin Mary  without sexual intercourse. If they deny  it, they’re no longer true Muslims  because they’re denying the Quran.

It  says in Mary, the daughter of Imran, who  guarded her chastity. “guarded her  private part” and then it says we  breathed into it (i.e. her private part) of our  spirit. The Quran is telling me that Allah breathed his  spirit into Mary’s private part to basically bring  Jesus into life. The reason why the spirit  entered her body was to cause her to conceive Jesus. Basically the Quran is saying it’s the  spirit that created the human nature, the  physical body of Christ. How can that  be if the spirit is not God because  Allah and only Allah according to the  Quran is creator and Life Giver? We see Allah breathing  the spirit. That means the spirit is not  part of creation, it originates from  Allah, it comes out of Allah, it proceeds  forth from the very essence of  Allah, breathed out by Allah entering  into Mary’s body causing her to  conceive life. What more evidence do the  Muslims need to end up seeing that this  spirit is not a creature,  he’s part of Allah so he’s eternal, he  can appear as a man, so he’s a person and gives life.

This  is not the only time where it says that  Allah breathed his spirit into Mary. The  other passage is Surah 21:91 where again she’s  called the daughter of Imran. It  says the daughter of Imran who guarded  her private part, we breathed into her. Both  these passages explicitly teach that Allah  breathed this spirit and to Mary to  cause Mary to get pregnant with Jesus. 

The fact  remains that a Muslim is going to  follow what the Quran teachesnot what  later Islamic theology teaches that the  Spirit is Gibreel and Gibreel is a  creature. If you just let the Quran speak.