Is Allah Mentioned in the Bible?

Is the Muslim God “Allah” the God that is described in the Bible?

Some Muslism believe that the God who is described in the Bible is actually the Muslim God “Allah”. This is because the Hebrew word for God “Elohim” is sometimes written as “El” or “Elah”. Since “Elah” and “Allah” both have the same origin, it is assumed that the God who was talked about in the Bible is actually the Muslim God “Allah”.

Actually the “Elah” or its alternative form “Allah” that is mentioned in the Bible is none other than a generic word for “God”. Even before Muhamamd convinced the pagan Arabs to worship only one God, whom he calls “Allah”, the Arabs were already using the name “Allah” as a generic term for “God”.

For example, both Muhammad’s father and uncle had the word “Allah” as part of their names. Muhammad’s father is Abdllah which means “abd” or “servant of” Allah.