How to Pray for Muslims

Unable to see that salvation is something that is given by faith and not earned by good works.
Fail to see the sinful nature of man that desperately needs God’s forgiveness.
Pray that Muslims will long for the assurance of salvation that is not promised by Islam.

Not studying the Quran enough to realize that it contains errors.
Feel it is wrong to scrutinize their sacred book
Wrongly believe that the Quran is the Word of God because it is a literary masterpiece, contains foreknowledge of science, prophecies…

Believe that the Bible is corrupted even though they have not examined the evidence in detail.
Not knowing that the Bible is highly regarded even in the Quran.

Not understanding that a majestic God could come down in the form of a man to reach out to mankind.
Unable to understand that Jesus could be God and still exhibit the kind of humility and submission to His Father.
Selectively appeal to evidence of Jesus’ manhood in the Bible and refusing to see the whole picture that talks about Jesus’ Godhood.
Deny His death and resurrection despite historical evidences.

Not knowing enough of his life and his weaknesses.
Feel offended when an attempt is made to discuss his weaknesses.
Not knowing Muhammad has done nothing to prove that he is a real prophet from God eg no miracles, prophecies, unwholesome lifestyle, etc

Nature of God
Wrong understanding of the trinity of God leading to outright rejection
Hasty conclusion that the concept of trinity is an invention by the church without studying history

Dreams and visions
Many Muslims come to know Christ through dreams and visions. Pray that God will reveal Himself to them this way.