Have the Torah and Injil been lost?

There are those who ask: wasn’t the torah and the injeel lost by the time that the Prophet of Islam Muhammad came (peace be upon him). Were they lost? We do not find anything affirming that in the Quran itself for in Surah 3:3 it clearly says that the gospel and the Torah was in the hands of the Christians and the Jews at the time of the proclamation of Muhammad (peace be upon him). It would not make sense to say in that verse “to confirm that which is between their hands”. What is there to confirm if it is lost already? That verse would not make sense. 

Now Mohammed has said to the people who were there in his time that if they want to be able to learn about Mohammed, they need to go to the Torah and to go to the injeel. What does this mean? Clearly, it means that the people had the Torah and had the injeel at that time. If you look in chapter 5 of the quranic verses 46 and 44 as well as 64 and 66, you’ll see that he’s telling people to go and judge by the torah and the injeel. Well, how can someone go and judge by the Torah and the injeel if they don’t have it? Clearly they had it and in fact according to Sunan Abi Dawud, Muhammad put his hand on the Torah and said I believe in thee and him who revealed thee. And so Muhammad in his time was very clear in saying that the Torah is the word of God, the injeel is the word of God and so the Torah and the injeel as Muhammad touched it, saw it, knew it has never changed.

Since there are many copies of the injeel and Torah existing today from centuries before Islam and since these are the books Mohammed was referring to when he placed his hands on these scriptures and confirmed them as the Word of God, then this allegation cannot be true. Writing on this topic distinguished Muslim professor Saeed Abdullah concluded: Since the authorized scriptures of Jews and Christians remain very much today as they existed at the time of the Prophet, it is difficult to argue that the Quranic references to tawrat and injeel were only to the “pure” Tawrat and Injil as existed at the time of Moses and Jesus respectively…