Former Muslim tells why Muhammad was Not a Prophet

Muhammad is not prophet not because he’s not a prophet regarding to the Bible but because he’s a prophet without prophecy. Can you believe that Muhammad claims that he’s a prophet and he died before he told his people the prophecy. Ask any Muslim: What’s the prophecy of Muhammad? They will not have an answer. They never thought of that; they just call him a prophet.

A prophet without a miracle. You know what’s his miracle? He flew on a donkey from Mecca to Jerusalem in the dark during the night and the donkey was the only witness. We tell them “Prophets like Jesus Christ did miracles in front of thousands of people to witness the glory of God and the great work of the Lord but your prophet did this great miracle like… imagine a donkey taking off from LAX airport. If there are like 5,000 people witnessing that, I would say this is a miracle but unfortunately in Muhammad’s case the donkey was the only witness.