Exalted position of Jesus even in the Quran

Muslims, let me ask you something. Is  Jesus more than a prophet? They said “No,  he’s nothing more than a prophet.” “I see. Is he the greatest of all  prophets?” “Muhammad is the greatest.” I said, “Let’s see if your Quran agrees.” I’m going to  take you to four references and ask the  question “Who is the greater, Muhammad or  Jesus, just starting with the Quran.”

Surah 19:20 says  very clearly that Jesus was born of a  virgin and that’s why everyone believes  that the Virgin Mary bore  Jesus. There’s not a Muslim that  disbelieves that because they have to  argue with their own Quran. Was Muhammad  born of a virgin? No. Was Muhammad  born miraculously? No. So there’s nothing  special about Muhammad’s birth? But Jesus had a special birth. Yes. Why should he be born of a virgin? Every Muslim I  asked this question, I said “Why  specifically should he be born of a  virgin?”, they don’t know because the Quran doesn’t tell them. So what is a Muslim supposed to do when they don’t know  something? Surah 10:94, Surah 21:7 say if you have any question, go to  the people of the book, come to  us. Surah 29:46 Don’t even argue with  the Christian. You’re  to come and ask us questions. Surah 4:136 O Muslims, go to those scriptures  God has given to you from before, the taurat and the injil. They are to come to us, those are our books and  they are to ask us.

I say “Let me tell you  why Jesus had to be born of a virgin. We  need to go back to Isaiah 7:14 says “this shall be a sign a  virgin shall conceive and bear a son and he shall be called  ‘Immanuel’ (meaning “God with us”). This son is someone special because  we know that virgins don’t conceive unless  something miraculous is happening. So  when that happens, Isaiah says “Muslims, you need to wake  up. See your Surah 19:20.  This child is “God with  us, Immanuel.”

Surah 3:46 Jesus is an infant and he speaks from  the cradle and basically says what he’s  doing why he’s there. Can an infant speak? No,  impossible, yet Jesus was able to speak. Did Muhammad speak from the cradle? No, absolutely not. Muhammad is just like you  and me. Jesus not only had a birth  that’s greater than Muhammad’s, he also  has an infancy that’s greater than  Muhammad’s.

Surah 3:49 says that  Jesus as a child takes some clay, makes it into looking like birds, then he blows on it  and they fly into the air. He creates out of nothing. Could Muhammad  do that? No, absolutely not. It says right  there that he was able to give  sight to the blind. Could Muhammad give  sight to the blind? It says that he was  able to heal the sick. Could Muhammad heal  the sick? No. And then it says he was able  to resuscitate the dead. Could Muhammad resuscitate anybody? No. He  usually killed them, just the  opposite. So here are four things that  Jesus can do that Muhammad cannot. In one  verse, creating out of nothing, giving  sight to the blind, healing the sick and  basically resuscitating the dead. Could Muhammad do any of that? Absolutely not. In all  categories, Jesus is greater according to  the Quran. Now that’s just six things  I’ve shown you. I’ve got the best one  coming up next.

Surah 19:19 The angel Gabriel says about Jesus to  Mary his mother “I’m gonna give you a  righteous son.” He is the righteous prophet. What does  “righteous” mean? Without sin. That’s right, sinless, perfect, holy. Who can  be sinless but God himself? Here is a  reference in the Quran that puts Jesus  uniquely from everybody else. There is  nobody who is sinless but Jesus because  in the Quran it’s very clear every  prophet sins. Did you know that? No. How  about Muhammad? Did Muhammad sin? Yes, he  was a sinner. It says over and  over again “Muhammad you must ask  forgiveness for your sins.”

You say “That happened before he was a prophet.” so  I said go back to Surah 48:2. It’s very clear  Muhammad has been asked “Ask forgiveness for  the sins you have done and the sins you  are yet to do” proving that even as a  prophet, he continued to sin, proving  that even Muhammad was sinful according  to the Quran. They’ve got to argue with the  Quran if they want to say he did otherwise but Jesus according to Surah 19:19 never sinned. 

You’ve heard now seven  things where Jesus is superior to  Muhammad. In every category, Jesus is  superior, in his birth he’s superior, in  his infancy he’s superior, when it comes  to healing, when it comes to giving sight,  resuscitating dead and creating out  of nothing and he is superior, in the fact  that he is the only holy, righteous one. That’s just what the Quran (I’m using  just for four verses) is able to prove.