Does the Quran really teach that Allah is One?

What the Quran and Bible teach about the Unity of God

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Does the Quran teach Unitarian Monotheism or Tawhid?

Hello everyone. Thank you so much as always for joining us and I’m here with my dear brother Sam Shamoun to announce to you the release of a brand new video series. It’s gonna be part of a series that we titled “Let us reason” and this particular video series that you will be watching in the next few weeks from now called Tawheed dilemma and Sam, tell our viewers more about the reason why we chose this particular dilemma to discuss.

Because Muslims like to boast that Islam teaches the purest monotheism out there. Perhaps the only other religion that’s close to Islam in its expression of monotheism with the Judaism but even with that said they boast that Islam presents Allah as an absolutely singular being who is also a singular consciousness. In other words what we’d call Unitarianism right? Cuz we’re also monotheists. We believe there’s one God but this one God eternally exists as three persons, so we’re Trinitarian. Here we’re showing in our series nothing could be farther from the truth. If you just let the Quran speak and not impose later Islamic theology upon the text of the Quran, the Quran is far from being a book that proclaims the absolute essential unity of Allah because in the Quran you will find not only is Allah portrayed as divine, so is the spirit of Allah, so is Jesus, so is mother, so is Muhammad. And that’s what we’re unpacking in this series so I’m excited not just for Christians because Christians are going to be shocked and blessed to see all this evidence refuting the Muslim assertion that Islam teaches Tawheed, particularly the Quran but even Muslims will be in for a surprise and shock when they’re confronted with the facts of their own scripture that refutes the idea that Islam teaches the purest form of monotheism.

Amen. Let me give you just a taste of what Sam is talking about from the Quran alone. We showed that Allah is not one in essence and one in person. We showed that the Holy Spirit in the Quran is another deity. We showed that Jesus and Mary elevated above all creatures and we showed that Jesus is equal to Allah and we most importantly also close that particular series by showing that the titled Messiah in the Quran as applied to Jesus alone is devastating in terms of refuting every single argument our Muslim friends would like to raise concerning the fact that Jesus is not divine when in fact the Koran wholeheartedly and fully acknowledges that deity.

Yeah well brother thank you so much as always and it’s good to partner with you man Thank you.

Not only does the Spirit have divine attributes, he is also referred to using divine names. Therefore, the Spirit cannot be referring to Angel Gabriel.

In addition, Jesus was also described in the Quran as a Spirit from Allah and as the Word of Allah. The Word of Allah is distinct from Him and uncreated.