Did Paul corrupt the teachings of Jesus? (Quranic perspective)

Let me read two passages that say that the true followers of Jesus will prevail over the disbelievers from the time of Jesus’ ascension to Allah, to God till the day of resurrection. In other words, the Quran says, and I’m gonna read the verses in a minute, that God made a promise, made a vow to Jesus that those who believed in him would be victorious, uppermost, dominant over the disbelievers from the time Jesus went to be with God himself, taken to be in God’s own presence till (not the time of Muhammad) till the day of resurrection.

Now let me look at those two passages to bring out their implications, to show that you’re right. The first followers of Jesus, his own disciples, thought that he died on the cross and if he didn’t and Allah did deceive them, there’s no way out of this dilemma. Chapter 3 verse 55 of the Quran says this: when Allah God said “Jesus I will cause you to die and raise you to me, raise you to be where I am and purify you of those who believe not, disbelieve, I will set your followers above the unbelievers till the Resurrection Day. 

According to the Quran, God personally guaranteed that the followers of Christ would prevail, would be uppermost, dominant over disbelievers till the day of resurrection. Now the resurrection that hasn’t come. That means the true followers of Christ should still be uppermost and dominant.

Now let me read chapter 61 verse 14 that says God did keep his promise at least the Quran says that much. God did keep that promise to Jesus. Everything else he can abrogate. This one He didn’t. 61:14 “all believers, be you God’s helpers, help Allah, help God as Jesus the Son of Mary said to the apostles “who will be my helpers unto God?” The apostle said – notice the apostles – “We will be helpers of God. A party of the children of Israel believed and a party disbelieved so we confirmed those who believed against their enemy and they became dominant, apostles of Jesus Christ. 

So some weird sect, some weird group of Christians, some heretical group of Christians, they’re not the ones that became dominant?

Nope. And in fact if they did, that means the Quran is a lie and either Allah lied or

was impotent because he tried to help the followers of Jesus to prevail but this other sect led by this corrupt Paul overcame them. See, if Muslims say Paul overcame the true teachings of Christ, then that means Paul is more powerful than Allah because Allah said no, the followers of Christ his disciples, his apostles, they became dominant and would remain dominant till the day of resurrection. Muslims would actually have us believe Paul came in corrupted the teachings of Christ, hijack Christianity and managed to get his version of Christianity to prevail over against the true teachings of the disciples and the message of Paul continues to prevail till this day. Well if that’s the case, Paul corrupted the Christianity, then either Allah lied because he had no intention of making sure the true followers of Christ dominated or Allah’s impotent because Paul a finite creature was able to thwart the purpose of Allah or Paul was one of the true followers that God used to spread the message of Christ, which explains why it’s dominant till this day and will continue to be so till the day of resurrection. If you take the third option, then you have a problem because the message that Paul and his followers proclaimed, which is the same message of Peter, John and James and the rest of the disciples is that Christ, not someone else, Christ died on the cross and didn’t just die on the cross but died for our sins and was raised victorious.