Did Muhammad Have Assurance of Salvation?


Even Mohammad had no Assurance of Salvation. Muhammad didn’t know what he what was going to happen to him after he died and so you must be out there who thinking “I’m going to heaven. I’ve been going to the mosque and I’ve been praying five times a day.” Muhammad said he didn’t know what was going to happen to him. Is that right? 

Hundred percent. And the reason why is because who better than Muhammad to know the kind of God that he is worshipping. Muhammad knew Allah better than any other Muslim so because he knew Allah, he knew that he could not feel secure from Allah because according to chapter 46 versus 8 to 9 of the Quran, let me just see read to you what the Quran says. And I challenge any Muslim to find something comparable in the New Testament in regards to the Lord Jesus and his followers. Show me anywhere in the New Testament where the blessed apostles of Christ said something similar to Muhammad or Jesus whom you think is a prophet, no more no less, said something similar to what we’re about to read to you from the mouth of Muhammad as recorded in the Quran. Chapter 46 versus 8 to 9 particularly verse 9: or did they say he has forged it, say “if I have forged it, you if you have no power to help me against Allah.” See, if I forged to it, then you can’t help me against Allah. “He knows very well what you are pressing upon. He suffices as a witness between me and you is all-forgiving, all compassionate. Say I am not an innovation among the messengers and I know not what shall be done with me or with you.” Can you imagine Jesus going around saying “Look, follow me, but hey guy, you follow me but let me just be upfront with you. I don’t know what’s going to be done with me or with you but still follow me anyway.” “I only follow what is revealed to me, I’m only a clear Warner.” Quite clearly Muhammad does not know what Allah will do ultimately with him or those who follow him or the disbelievers. Someone will say well that’s not referring to salvation that’s about maybe something that will take place in time and space. Muhammad doesn’t know if tomorrow he is going to get shot by an arrow or he’s going to fall off the steps and break his neck. That’s what he’s talking about. Well let’s see what sahih Al-Bukhari Volume 5 book 58 number 266 says. Bukhari Volume 5 number 266 which you can find online narrated:

An Ansari woman who gave the pledge of allegiance to the Prophet that the Ansar drew lots concerning the dwelling of the Emigrants. ‘Uthman bin Maz’un was decided to dwell with them (i.e. Um al-‘Ala’s family), ‘Uthman fell ill and I nursed him till he died, and we covered him with his clothes. Then the Prophet came to us and I (addressing the dead body) said, “O Abu As-Sa’ib, may Allah’s Mercy be on you! I bear witness that Allah has honoured you.” On that the Prophet said, “How do you know that Allah has honoured him?” I replied, “I do not know. May my father and my mother be sacrificed for you, O Allah’s Apostle! But who else is worthy of it (if not ‘Uthman)?” He said, “As to him, by Allah, death has overtaken him, and I hope the best for him. By Allah, though I am the Apostle of Allah, yet I do not know what Allah will do to me,” 

I hope the best for him but I don’t even know what Allah will do with me so I cannot tell you whether he’s in Paradise or not. Contrast this to the words of Jesus. “I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in me though he were dead yet shall he live and he who believes and lives shall never die.” Do you believe this? John 11:25-26. See the difference?

It’s just interesting that if you think about that position, hey this is one of the best guys. I know this is one of the best guys I know. If he’s not making it to Heaven, what hope is there for any of us? And Muhammed doesn’t say simply “yeah, you’re right.” He says “What are you talking about, I’m better than him and I don’t know where I’m going. I can’t tell you where I’m going. I can’t tell you where I’m going and I’m a prophet right? So not only am I the best among you and I can’t even say I’m good enough even with my knowledge, even with my prophetic knowledge, I can’t tell you what’s going to happen to me.” And people wonder why Muslims go out and blow themselves up in a Jihad to try and gain Assurance of Salvation that they have done something so wonderful for Allah that he will he will have to grant them Paradise right?

Why you said people having to blow themselves up in order to at least make it to Paradise but even then it’s not guaranteed. Another proof that Muhammad is not saved, but we know from a Biblical perspective that he is not safe, but Islamically speaking, why do they pray for his peace every time they mentioned his name. Because the Quran commands Muslims to pray for Muhammad and you’ll hear Muslims in Arabic saying “sallallahu alaihe wasallam”, which literally means “the prayers and peace of Allah be upon him” Why are you asking for Allah’s peace to be up on Muhammad when he is already in a state of peace?

Do you pray for Paul, for Christ’s peace to be on Paul? Do you pray for Christ’s peace to be on Peter or you know they’re already in a state of peace. Their perfect bliss, basking infinitely in the love of God. Why do Muslims continue praying for the Peace of Allah be upon Muhammad if he’s already in a state of Peace? 

Well if you Muslims can sleep tonight knowing even Muhammad wasn’t good enough and didn’t know enough to know that he was actually going to Paradise. If you think about all the things you’ve done in your life, what hope do you have?