Are there numerical miracles in the Quran?

Now they’re arguing about the mathematical patterns of the Quran as proof of its divine origin and yet when you point out something similar in the Bible they say no. You can do that with almost anything, you can take anything and find the mathematical marvel because what you do is: you count a number of words and it doesn’t equal some mathematical marvel so you ignore this one, you ignore that one and keep going through different words and counting them until you get to some pattern and then you say “It’s a mathematical marvel”. 

For instance, it’s a common claim that the Quran uses the word “day” 365 times. Isn’t that a miracle that Allah knew that there are 365 days mentioned? If you actually start looking at that claim, you will find out that there are more than 400 occurrences of the word “day” in the Quran. What they do is they take out the words in plural, take words of a certain case, take out different forms of the word “day” until the word “day” in certain forms adds up to 365. Why do they exclude all these other ones? There’s no real explanation. It’s just this is what we need to do in order to get to the number 365, in order to claim that there’s a miracle here. But when it gets presented to people, they don’t say “We got the number 365 by doing all these mental gymnastics and playing around with the numbers until we got to the number 365 because the word day actually occurs more than 400 times.” They just go up to an unbeliever and say “Did you know that the word “day” occurs in the Quran 365 times? How could Allah know this? It’s a miracle.” This is just outright deception. 

Did they tell him that the Islamic calendar is not actually 365 days? Why would you even rely on our calendar? If that’s the case, why don’t you follow the Bible then if you believe in 365 days? Why do we even have an Islamic calendar? Which Quranic manuscript are you following when it comes to the numerical argument? There are a lot of missing passages in the early Quran. The best early Quran that we have right now is in Topkapi and it has more than 2200 variations. 

If you go with Ibn Massoud’s Quran, he didn’t believe that Surah 1, 113 and 114 are supposed to be in the Quran.  So his Quran had 111 chapters. If you go with his Quran, then that throws off your math marvels. Ubai bin Kaab’s Quran had two extra chapters. That’s going to throw off your mathematical marvels.

Muhammad told his followers “If you want to learn the Quran from anyone, he named four people – Ubai and Ibn Massoud were two of the four and Ibn Massoud was number one. If I had to learn the Quran from the top scholar of the Quran, according to Muhammad himself, Ibn Massoud says that this Quran contains three chapters that aren’t supposed to be in the Quran. That presents you with a problem because I would assume Muhammad knows who was the best guy with respect to the Quran. If Mohammed knows, then this Quran contains three extra chapters. If you believe this is the correct Quran, then Muhammad didn’t know who knew the Quran and who didn’t.