30 variant Qurans

Partial transcript of the video

Hello everyone this is Al-FadI and I’d like to welcome you back to a continuation of our new series on the qirat and ahraf of the Quran and we’ve been talking about a number of controversies surrounding this whole topic. And if you go back to our previous videos you will see that we covered a lot of grounds on this. With me here is no other than Dr Jay Smith who has done an amazing job of course as always in assisting you as the viewers to be able to understand some of these technical terms and the process and also some of the traditions surrounding this entire topic. For me of course I can relate to that as someone who grew up as a Muslim and grew up in Saudi Arabia and was able to at least study some of these things, although my understanding of this Quran was totally different than what findings today are telling all of us basically concerning the preservation and the integrity of this book called the Quran. With that in mind Dr Jay, thank you again for being with us here. Today, I believe you are going to address what you’d call the 30 variant Qurans. And as you know if I would have been a Muslim right now, I would have been shocked to hear you say there is 30. I would have been shocked to hear you say there’s two different Qurans.

I can understand and this is something that I feel sorry for a lot of Muslims who are watching. This may be a shock for many of them. This is understandable if you’ve been told this one narrative and this is the only thing you’ve ever been permitted to be told, this is the only thing you’re not permitted to question. You just believe there is only one Quran and all the Qurans are exactly the same, same words, same letters, has never changed since the time of Uthman or the time of Muhammad and the same that is in heaven. Now suddenly to realize there’s more than one Quran, we’re talking about 30 official Quran. What 30 are we talking about?