10 Surprising Miracles of Jesus In Islam

Not just in Christianity but also in  Islam,  Jesus is seen as someone who did many  surprising and amazing miracles. Most people are familiar with Jesus  turning water into wine and walking on  water according to the Christian holy  book,  but what does Muslim texts have to say? Let’s take a look at 10  surprising miracles performed by Jesus  according  to the religion of Islam.

The first miracle  that we’re going to be looking at  is Jesus speaking in the cradle. To  give birth to a child while being a  virgin  of course was a criminal act during the  time of Jesus  and the Quran details the way that Mary  was saved from being  charged as guilty for this by Jesus, who  was still a baby  in the cradle, and he spoke. 

Surah 19:27-30 Then she  brought him to her people,  carrying him they said “O Mary, you have  certainly done a thing unprecedented. O sister of Aaron, your father was not a  man of evil  nor was your mother unchaste. So she  pointed to him. They said “How can we speak to one who is  in the cradle, a child.”  Jesus said “Indeed I am the servant of  Allah. He has given me the scripture and made  me a prophet.”

The next miracle is the table filled with  food. In Surah 5 of the Quran,  this miracle of Jesus  is mentioned. The disciples of Jesus  asked him to ask  God to send down a table filled with  food and for it to be a special day of  commemoration  for them in the future.  

Surah 5:112-114 And remember when the disciples said “O Jesus, son of Mary,  can your Lord send down to us a table  spread with food from heaven?”  Jesus said “Fear Allah if you should be  believers.” They said “We wish to eat from it and let  our hearts be  reassured and know that you have been  truthful to us  and be among its witnesses.” Said Jesus,  the son of Mary “O Allah our Lord, send  down to us  a table spread with food from the  heavens to be for us a festival for the  first of us  and the last of us and a sign from you  and provide for us  and you are the best of providers.” And the  table was filled with food.

Let’s talk about creating a bird. This is another miracle  that’s related to Jesus that’s mentioned  in the Quran where Jesus created  a live bird out of clay.

Surah 3:49 And make him a messenger to the children  of Israel, who will say “Indeed I have come to you with a sign  from your Lord  in that I design for you from clay that  which is like the form of a bird,  then I breathe into it and it becomes a  bird by permission  of Allah.” 

Jesus also performed the  miracle of disclosing  secrets. Jesus was informing people about  those things which were secrets to other  people  such as what they ate at home as well as  what they had hidden in their home.

Surah 3:49 And I  inform you of what you eat and what you  store in your houses. Indeed in that is a sign for you if you  are believers.”  Muslims teach that Jesus was a chosen  messenger of God  and hence God revealed to him secrets. 

Surah 72:26-27 He (i.e. Allah) alone is the all knower of the  unseen and he reveals to none his unseen  except to a messenger whom he has chosen.

Also according to Islam, Jesus prophesied  of  Ahmad. One of the missions of all the previous  prophets  had to do with announcing and  prophesying  that other prophets were gonna come. Similarly quoting from prophet Jesus,  this is what the Quran says:  And remember when Jesus son of Mary said  “O children of Israel. I am the messenger  of  Allah unto you confirming the torah  which came before me  and give glad tidings of a messenger to  come after me  whose name shall be Ahmad. But when he (i.e. Ahmad)  came to them with clear proofs, they said  “This  is plain magic.” (Surah 61:6)

The next miracle is about bringing people back  to life. The act of causing a  living creature  to die or reviving the dead to life is  completely out of this world and  one of the miracles of Jesus  was that he was, by the permission of God,  able to  bring the dead back to life. 

Surah 3:49 I give life to the dead by permission of  Allah.

However, the Quran does not give the  details of the person or people that  Jesus brought back to life. It just said that he has the ability to  do so or  I should say was allowed to do so by  permission of God. 

Let’s talk a little bit more about the virgin  birth. One day as Mary was praying in her  isolated place of worship,  suddenly some angels appeared to her and  in the Quran it says: “O Mary,  indeed  Allah gives you good tidings of a word  from him, whose name will be the Messiah,  Jesus the son of Mary, distinguished in  this world  and the hereafter and among those  brought near to Allah. He will speak to  the people  in the cradle and in maturity and will  be  of the righteous. She said “My Lord, how  will I  have a child when no man has touched me?” The angel said  “Such is Allah. He creates what he wills. When he decrees a matter, he only says to  it  “Be” and it is. (Surah 3:45-47)

Leprosy is a chronic  progressive  bacterial infection caused by the  bacterium  mycobacterium leprae. It primarily  affects the nerves of the extremities,  the skin  and the lining of the nose and the upper  respiratory tract and leprosy also goes  by the name of  Hansen’s disease.

Surah 3:49 “And I cure the blind and the leper”. 

When we  go further into Surah 5:110  “And you heal the blind and the leper  with my permission”.

The next is about a miracle that was recorded  in the hadith  so the Quran doesn’t mention this but it  was from  al Tabari and reported by Mahmoud M Ayub in the book titled “The Quran and  its interpreters”  volume 2, the House of Imran. As the story  goes,  Jesus, when he was young, was playing  with some kids in the community  and telling them what food their parents  were making for them at home. And some of the parents learned  about this and they started to get  really annoyed and stopped their children  from playing with  Jesus because they’re saying things like  “He’s a magician. He’s not a good influence for them.” and  the parents kept their children away  from Jesus. And they ended up gathering them into  one house. One day Jesus was feeling  lonely and he went out to look for some  of his friends to play with  and he came to this house where all the  kids were and the parents were actually  hiding them  in that house and the parents lied and  said that the children were not  there. And the parents ended up calling  Jesus a  pig. When Jesus kept questioning, and after being called a pig,  Jesus then said “Let there be swine in  this house”  and that turned all the children in the  house into swine.

The miracle that we’re  going to end off is  Jesus being raised to heaven. 

And for their saying “Indeed we have  killed the Messiah  Jesus, the son of Mary, the messenger of  Allah. And they did not kill him nor did they  crucify him but another was made to  resemble him to them. And indeed those who defer over it are  in doubt about it. They have no knowledge of it except the  following of assumption. And they did not kill him for certain. Rather,  Allah raised him to himself and ever is  Allah exalted  in might and wise. And there is none from  the people  of the scripture but that he will surely  believe in Jesus before his death  and on the day of resurrection he will  be against them  a witness. (Surah 4:157-159)